Accommodation in Germany For Indian Students

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Accommodation in Germany For Indian Students

After deciding on a study abroad destination, one of the major tasks is to look for suitable accommodation. The students who are planning to study at an international university should start their search for accommodation according to their budget as early as possible. Germany is one of the favorite study destinations of students across the world. The students get the opportunity to study in state-of-the-art labs, choose from multiple study specializations and explore their knowledge and interest. It is a country that is widely known for technological innovations and advancements. This makes Germany the first choice of many students to pursue their higher studies. The students after graduating in the specialized courses find an array of career options in the high management positions of reputed companies. To study at a German University, one needs proper accommodation to stay in the country. As you are aware that the tuition fees at public universities in Germany are almost nil, so you would have enough chunk to spend on accommodation expenses. It is to be noted that not every university provides on-campus accommodation, so the students have to make prior arrangements for their accommodation. In this blog, we will cover the topics related to accommodation in detail.

Types of Accommodation in Germany For Indian Students 

Students coming to Germany for their higher studies from different parts of the world can find it difficult to get a decent living space within their budget. Not all universities allow residing on the university campus, so as soon as you receive the admission confirmation you should start your search for the right accommodation. So, the students try to surf online websites and social media groups to look for accommodation and may get some relevant information. One can also check the residential information with the concerned authorities. Germany provides two types of accommodation to international students:

  • The Students Union Hall of Residence
  • Private accommodation

According to Deutsches Studentenwek, out of the total student community 50% live in a shared apartment, 32% reside alone, and 18% in single rooms in shared corridors and dormitories are used by 9.45% of students. So, it is dependent on the comfort of the student and how much he can spend for the expenses to be incurred on accommodation.

  • STUDENTS’ HALL OF RESIDENCE is a cheaper option and is occupied by 40% of the students studying in Germany as known from the sources. They are located near the university campuses, to facilitate the students to avoid long distances traveling. The advantages that students get are that the students can integrate socially with other fellow students by participating in sports and cultural activities. This is done after a mutual discussion between the administration committee and resident tutors. There are a variety of accommodations in student halls of residence, which comprise single rooms, couple apartments, shared apartments, single-parent households, single apartments, and apartment/single-room for disabled people in the housing community.
  • PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION is the most preferred choice of the students and figures a share of 60% of the total students. It is more expensive than the student’s union’s hall of residence. You may not find the options to socialize but you get more flexibility in terms of privacy and following rules. The rate of private accommodation in Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Main, and Hamburg, are higher. In the case of private accommodation, you have to search alone or can inquire from the International Office or the city’s student union. You can check advertisements in newspapers, magazines, or internet sites to check for private places to stay in Germany.

Best Cities in Germany For Students

Germany is no doubt the best country that offers quality education to its students. With so many prestigious universities, it is ranked the third most sought-after study destination. The life of an Indian student in Germany is a learning experience for him. Interacting with the native people, he gets to know the culture and lifestyle of the people of the country. While adding new dimensions to his knowledge, he gets to explore the popular cities of the country. Munich, Berlin, and Stuttgart are the best German cities according to QS World Ranking 2022. They have been ranked 2583 in the list of top 100 best student cities. Most foreign students find these places to be best for their stay in the country.

Cost of Accommodation in Germany For Indian Students

The cost of student accommodation in Germany is a major concern, especially for international students. According to DAAD also known as German Academic Exchange Service, the amount that is spent on accommodation by students in Germany is about 900 EUR each month. Based on official data, international students in Germany are more likely to spend about 298 EUR every month on their accommodation, apart from the costs of living. If a comparison is made then it is found that those who are  living in cheaper options spend about 218 EUR for the same given period including the living expenses. It depends upon the student’s preferences, and accordingly, they can choose from the various stay options available in the country. However, the students who want their accommodation at the hall of residence need to apply beforehand for the accommodation and follow up for the same. Here are the different costs that are charged to Indian students:

Residence halls 21345 – 29885
Flatshares 36716-59773
Private accommodation 64043-72581

The accommodation charges according to the top cities are as follows:

Berlin 79002
Hamburg 82237
Munich 111955
Frankfurt 89591
Stuttgart 79257

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Accommodation in Germany For Indian Students