German Language Course in Chandigarh

German Language Course in Chandigarh

Increasingly people are choosing to learn German nowadays, and it is becoming India’s second most popular foreign language. Among the many languages spoken in the world, German is the eighth most extensively spoken. Additionally, German is widely spoken throughout Central Europe and is the official language of Germany, a country noted for its technology, creativity, and industrialization. YES Germany’s German Language Course in Chandigarh aims to provide learners with German language skills and information, with a concentration on the right usage of written and verbal German accent and style. The course is delivered to students in accordance with their schedule, mode, and other preferences. YES School of Languages offers German and English language classes (Training for IELTS).

Whom this course is meant for?

The German language training in Chandigarh offered by YES School of Languages has been established to meet the needs of each individual. There are no restrictions to anyone for age and profession, who so ever wishes to learn German, can begin the course with us. We have been providing this course to:

  1. Language students 
  2. Trainers/tutors
  3. People who want to learn a new language
  4. Students who wish to study in Germany
  5. Professionals seeking employment in a German company
  6. Anyone interested in learning this language, from housewives to persons who enjoy reading literature, can do so.

German Language Levels


Candidates who have no previous knowledge of German language. Candidates who are interested in writing the Goethe Zertifikat A1
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Candidates who have cleared A1 within the last 6 months. And who are interested in writing the A2 Goethe Zertifikat exam
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Candidates who have cleared A2 within the last 6 months. And who are interested in writing the B1 Goethe Zertifikat exam
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Candidates who have passed B1 within the last 6 months. And who are interested in writing the B2 Goethe Zertifikat exam
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Advantages of Learning German language

German is the second most widely spoken foreign language in India. Germany’s robust economic growth and low unemployment rate attract many Indian professionals looking for a better way to make a living. If you intend to study, work, or settle in any German-speaking country, joining YES Germany’s YES School of Languages can be incredibly useful. YES School of Languages is the best German Language Institute in Chandigarh, it is also well known for imparting German Language Course in Delhi.

  • Assists in extending employment options;
  • Assists in joining new internet communities;
  • Provides exposure to new culture;
  • Provides confidence in learning new things; and
  • Provides access to ultimately valuable works and scriptures of the world that were initially written in German.

Reasons, Why We Are Preferred?

YES School of Languages is a well-known institute that provides the Best German language certification training. Every year, we teach thousands of students in a variety of courses, and our German Language course in Chandigarh is among the best. Aside from language training, we also offer intercultural training. We have tutors who are Proficient German Trainers with Goethe certification who are well-qualified and experienced. There are some other factors that will undoubtedly entice you to register with us:

  1. Training in modern facilities with newly planned courses and competent trainers.
  2. Putting into practice every concept that was presented in the theory sessions.
  3. Reading, writing, hearing, and speaking are all given equal weightage.
  4. Practice dialogue with batch mates to smoothen out roughness or flaws.
  5. Clarification of doubts and questions through specific sessions.
  6. Regular feedback and review to identify and correct flaws
  7. On-demand customized classes are also accessible.
  8. Forming small groups in class sessions
  9. A relaxed and pleasant environment in which you can study and communicate freely.
  10. We are now well-known for offering German language programs in several cities around the country.

We are pleased that our students at various locations across India were able to meet their objectives after completing the course successfully. YES School of Languages is regarded as the greatest location to learn German since its faculty is dedicated to meeting all of its students’ various needs for learning the language. Our classes are guided by experts with over a decade of training expertise.

Furthermore, the German Language curriculum is carefully created to include all modules spanning from basic to advanced level for school going students to graduates/post-graduates, office going people to homemakers, academicians to artists, and everyone who is passionate about learning this language.

Interested? Then register with us!!! To save individuals’ valuable time, the registration process is maintained reasonably easy and hassle-free, with no waiting lines or tokens. Registration can be completed online using a simple form on YES Germany’s website, or by visiting any of the branches or calling their central contact number. If the lines are busy, you can also request a callback. The Course Fee is extremely reasonable, ensuring that you receive the greatest course materials.

All you have to do is come to one of our locations or contact us via our website or phone. You can request a callback from our website.



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