German Language Course in Gurgaon

German Language Course in Gurgaon

Many people are opting to learn German these days and it is now the second most preferred foreign language being learnt in India. YES Germany’s German Language Course in Gurgaon is aimed at providing the learners with the skills and knowledge of the German language, focusing on the correct use of written and verbal German accent and style. The course is imparted to students keeping in mind their requirements of time, mode and other details. YES Germany’s Yes School of languages imparts language courses on German and English (Training for IELTS).

Reasons To Choose Us

YES Germany’s German language course in Gurgaon can be chosen based on the following:

  • Our course gives a clear view and complete insight into the different structures and styles the German language is used in its native country and across the world.
  • It has been built and developed according to the latest and the best practices of the German language used globally and in India.
  • It is designed and delivered by expert professionals who have a rich and extensive experience of teaching the German language for a minimum of 10+ years.
  • It includes dialogue practice sessions to eliminate the flaws while speaking.
  • It solves all the doubts and queries solved through explicit sessions
  • Course asks about regular feedback and review to know the shortcomings and correct them
  • It is offered in the form of customized classes i.e. it is also available on request
  • It is offered through small groups in class room sessions
  • Yes Germany is known to offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere not only in gurgaon centre but in all centres across the country, so that you can learn and speak without hesitation.
  • We are well-known for providing German language classes in India.

Our German courses are available in both online and offline modes. Our course is based on providing the learners with the maximum practical exposure and ensures that they have the proficiency and the confidence to effectively use the German language for effective communication.

So, Grab the Opportunity of taking advice from India’s best Study in Germany Consultants. 

German Language Levels


Candidates who have no previous knowledge of German language. Candidates who are interested in writing the Goethe Zertifikat A1
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Candidates who have cleared A1 within the last 6 months. And who are interested in writing the A2 Goethe Zertifikat exam
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Candidates who have cleared A2 within the last 6 months. And who are interested in writing the B1 Goethe Zertifikat exam
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Candidates who have passed B1 within the last 6 months. And who are interested in writing the B2 Goethe Zertifikat exam
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Why learn the German Language?

German is one of the most commonly and broadly spoken languages in Austria, Germany, the European Union and Central and Eastern Europe. Being a cosmopolitan nation and ever-growing economy, Germany offers extraordinary professional opportunities to the Indian students in different sectors.

The world’s most popular way to learn German online is to enroll with a trusted tutor like YES Germany. YES Germany offers you to Learn German online as well as offline at your own pace. So, start today and improve or learn a new language.

Benefits of Learning German Language

German is the second most popular Foreign language in India. The strong economic growth and low unemployment rate in Germany, attract many Indian professionals to be able to make a good living. If you are planning to study, work and settle in any German-speaking country, joining YES Germany can be extremely beneficial.

  • Helps in expanding career opportunities
  • Helps in joining new internet communities
  • Gives exposure to new culture
  • Gain confidence to learn new
  • Access to ultimately precious books and scriptures of the world which are originally written in German.



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