How to Study in Germany After 12th Class

How to Study in Germany after 12th

How To Study In Germany After 12th

Germany has been an incredible spot for students all around the world to pursue their higher education. According to QS World Rankings, many German universities rank high globally. 8 German Universities rank amongst the top 150 institutes in the world. The ranking is based on factors like cutting-edge courses and academic reputation, research impact and employment rates of graduates in reputed companies.  

The most recent figures released by the Federal Statistical Office show that 70% of Indian understudies in German universities have joined Engineering courses, 12% in Mathematics and Natural Sciences and 13% in Law and Social Studies.

This article is about the requirements to study in Germany by Indian students after 12th. This article will also answer the question “How to study in Germany after 12th for free?

Study Bachelors in Germany

The Universities in Germany are well known for their top rated education, research facilities, cooperation with leading industrial partners, and technological advancements additionally having associations with many universities world-wide. 45 German Universities are ranked among the top ranked Universities in the world by QS rankings. Even apart from these 45, various other German educational institutions are known for their international standards and up to date courses offered. 

In 2014, the German government abolished international fees in all public colleges, although it was re-introduced in some constituent German states, but still international tuition fees or the cost of studying in Germany is much lower than other countries. The reason why the German government took the decision of eliminating tuition fees is because of the fact that this generates indirect income to the government. 

Universities in Germany are public funded and if international students stay in Germany and work here, they will repay that through the taxes. Lots of international learners who study in Germany for free remain and work in Germany after their graduation and become the taxpayers for the country. The free education scheme attracts lots of international students which help in generating manpower as students do part time jobs for small scale to larger businesses. International students after studying in Germany for free when they go back to their countries, create goodwill for Germany in the international community, this is how Germany has become famous for free higher education and acquiring new students for the country is comparatively easy.

Studying bachelors in Germany is one of the early start options to study abroad. There are a number of choices for students from Arts, Commerce or the Science stream depending on their chosen subjects in class 12th

Some of the high-ranked German universities that provide undergraduate degree programs are:

  1. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  2. Free University of Berlin
  3. University of Freiburg
  4. EU Business School
  5. Code University of Applied Sciences

Study in Germany without IELTS

You can study in Germany in English. It is not obligatory to prove the English language proficiency through IELTS or TOEFL. These test scores are not the only way to prove language proficiency. If your medium of instruction (MOI) for your previous education is in English, there are some universities where you can get admission in Germany University without IELTS/ TOEFL. 

Requirements to study in Germany by Indian students after 12th 

There are many requirements to study in Germany after 12th despite English language proficiency. Here is the list of general requirements although eligibility criteria will change with courses and universities

  • School Mark sheets with at least 55 – 60% marks in class 12th 
  • Application Letters 
  • Letters of Recommendation (optional).
  • A Valid Passport
  • Resume / CV 
  • Proof of proficiency of English Language (as per University)

It is important to know about the university requirements before putting up the application on the official University websites. It is also good to know the deadline for application, which varies with the universities.

The article has covered the important questions which are asked frequently by the school pass out students. If you still have any more queries, you can straight away go to the homepage of this site and call on the number provided. You can even request a call-back. YES Germany, the best study in Germany Consultants, is always available for your help.

How to Study in Germany After 12th Class