Service in Germany

Service in Germany

YES Germany provides complete guidance and support when comes to its services to support the students approaching their admissions in German universities.YES Germany plays a commendable mediator in fulfilling the dream of the students who aim to pursue their higher education there in Germany.
YES Germany helps native students to get admitted at the best German universities. The responsibility of Yes Germany doesn’t end there but is increased, and we ensure the students get the utmost comfort and resources even there in Germany.


After reaching there in Germany, we also take care of the accommodation of the students, and provide with the options through which they can choose from.

Health insurance

Soon after reaching Germany it is mandatory to have a health insurance there, irrespective of the purpose you landed there, either for higher education or for jobs . Yes Germany provides full support in getting your health insurance done as early you reach Germany.

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VISA Extension

YES Germany also takes care of the visa extension of the students already got admitted there.

Yes Germany completely understands the fact that you are new to the country, and the unfamiliarity would lead you to any trouble out there, assuring your complete safety there Yes Germany takes charge of you out there in Germany, and also provide airport pickup from Germany airport to the place booked for your living. It would feel like you are under the shelter of Yes Germany throughout you time of your education time period.

Job Assistance

For the students got down to German universities through Yes Germany and pursuing their higher education there in, make themselves capable enough to stand amongst the market, as the German universities provide the practical knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge, due to which the students get to know the actual implementation of the knowledge.

And that perfect mind needs to be directed and fixed at the right place, and in that case Yes Germany Once again going to show up to provide you with the assistance regarding your internship and even jobs in Germany. Work in Germany can also be fulfilled through Yes Germany.

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Forex Services

As you know different countries have different currencies having different values depending on the policies of the country, and here at Yes Germany we provide with the Forex assistance as well. And that would help the candidates to a great extend as they would be very much new to the place and with the currencies as well, with our guidance and services the students can be at ease while rushing with other processes.


  • Yes Germany also provide with basic shopping list that the students need to purchase from to the native place before they reach Germany.
  • Yes Germany also provides a tour of the university and the city tour of the university you are enrolled in. Yes Germany also provide job assistance to their students ranging from part time to full time.
  • Yes Germany also provide blue card assistance for the employees preferring to work there in Germany.
  • Yes Germany also assist you through the DAAD Germany, which is the scholarship in Germany provided to the international students by the German government.
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