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Social contribution of YES Germany

Besides contributing as stepping ladder to the generation in inculcating a quality education at Germany, Yes Germany always opens their heart wide to help the livings in need, in this diversified generation, humans should come forward with the helping hand there lies the development of the entire nation followed by the world whole together begins with one, and even the minute of the considered favour or help can create wonders to the needy and ultimately to the nation, as upliftment of the nation occurs when citizens and eventually the living beings get the comfort and rights they deserve.

Helping hand Is not only waved up on the conditions but also onto the unpredicted situations, where destructions and loss are  absolutely unforeseen. People who remain untouched and the fortune favoured them, hold the responsibility to share the fortune with the affected.

And Yes Germany never lags behind when it comes to lay a helping hand to the

People in need, they have embedded a star mark of humanity.

social contro by yes germany during covid
social contribution by team yes germany

Yes Germany being environment friendly

In this era, where environment is fully polluted, trees act as the filter to the pollution spread across, Yes Germany, collaboration with The rising NGO, had  tree plantation drive, where they  joined hands and planted number of trees around the areas contributing wellness to nature and the livings in it.

Yes Germany always make sure to embrace the gift of nature by safeguarding it and replenishing it. Yes Germany believes it’s the duty, Furthermore the responsibility of each citizen to take care of mother earth. Yes Germany strongly believes in planting more trees saves the earth and motivates each one to do the same and become environment friendly.

An act of humanity

Humanity is not the choice but the only option all the humans should have while sharing space on the earth, we being humans should understand the fact that humans should help the humans no matter what, the life here on earth need to be valued, Yes Germany completely understands the matter and never takes a step back there is a call of need.

Covid – 19 Pandemic the time which occurred sudden and completely changed the scenerio of even our daily routine, the time when underprivileged couldn’t satisfy the hunger. The time of that hardship, Yes Germany stepped forward and again collaborating with The rising NGO, distributed food to the hungry, and again fulfilled the responsibility being an organization and moreover being human.

Yes Germany never forgets its responsibility towards the livings.

social contro by yes germany at covid
social contribution happiness at yes germany

Spreading joy

Yes Germany along with providing assistance in providing education in Germany, also makes sure to spread the token of love and happiness amongst, as an act of spreading love and happiness Yes Germany booked the entire restaurant for the kids who would first time taste the cuisines as such, and made the little blooming hearts happy, Yes Germany always amaze us by its unique ideas of spreading love and joy.

Just a glimpse, many more to come by the way. People reading this, all the people hold equal right on the earth, never neglect the helping hand you could lend.

Stay happy stay helpful.

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