If you want to pursue your higher education like bachelors or masters in Germany from top universities in Germany or do a German language course, a school dropout certificate from a German school abroad or a school dropout certificate that grants you this right must be presented.

Top universities in Germany even any German universities demand quality candidate with curiosity and ambition to bring the best out of them, for which they require Germany visa also called German visa, along with that knowing the German language will definitely increase your value and demand in the market you will be landing on.

After acquiring an admission or a specific purpose to land in Germany you can apply for a vfs global Germany Visa, and by continuing your education the German government completely support the candidate capable and wish to carry their internship in Germany, or even part time jobs in Germany. Top universities in Germany expect their students to work or do internship in Germany and even get involved in the part time jobs in Germany as they believe it will lead them to only perfection and that’s completely practical and justified.

Students applied and acquired their admission in German universities can apply for their German visa or Germany visa which is one and the same thing.

Changes for companies hiring non-EU workers-

According to the new law, there is a new set of rules and procedures that organizations hiring outside Europe are required to follow from this March.

The hiring company and the foreign registration office must reach an “agreement”. Who will be the parties involved, a proper set of procedures, deadlines, and powers of attorney? The agreement should also emphasize obligations to employers, qualified professionals, and concerned officials.

In addition, the Foreigners’ Registration Office receives federal employment agency approval within a certain timeframe.

Now, if all the conditions are met, the office will issue advance approval to the employer. The employer will then forward the approval to a qualified professional.

As a result, he can start applying to get a VFS Germany or Germany visa for employment from his country.