Why Study in Germany

Why study in Germany? 10 good reasons


With many of the top ranked universities and vibrant nightlife, art galleries and buzzing cities, thousands of young international students are deciding to pursue their study in Germany

Have you ever thought, what makes Germany such an attractive place for students?

In this blog you will find 10 good reasons, stay tuned till the end of the blog. 

Why study in Germany? 10 good reasons

  1. Outstanding universities

Universities of Germany are famous for delivering high quality education, a lot of universities even rank among the best in the world. 

By choosing to study in Germany, you will make sure that education is well above the global average, which will help you find a good and high paid job after graduation. 

  1. Germany is a safe country

Compared to other countries, Germany is very safe for both girls and boys. No matter its day or night, you’re in the city or countryside. 

  1. Diversity

Germany is a welcoming and liberal country that is full of diversity.There is a sense of equality and positive attitude in the mind of the people. 

  1. Wide range of study program

There is a study program for you in Germany, no matter at what point of your studies you’re in.  As they have so many universities, there are a large number of bachelors, masters, PhD, language courses, etc that can suit every student’s need. 

  1. English taught programmes

Just because you want to study in Germany doesn’t mean that you’ll have to learn German, you can easily find English taught programmes at most of the universities which are best suited for international students. 

  1. Lower tuition fees

German tuition fees are a lot lower compared to other top countries like the USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand. So, here you can study in top ranked universities at affordable tuition fees.

  1. Affordable cost of living

The cost of living is surprisingly low when compared with other neighboring countries like France or Netherlands. 

  1. Work while you study

Unlike other countries, students are allowed to do work part time during their studies in Germany. You are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week or a full 120 days in a year.  Working alongside your studies is a good option when it comes to managing your expenses. It can also gain you some work experience. 

  1. Career opportunities

Germany has thriving economy and high employment rates for international students. There are lots of big companies in Germany like Adidas, BMW who are looking to hire the best new graduates. 

  1. Links to rest of the Europe 

Germany is the heart of Europe; it connects the popular cities such as France and Netherlands. There are lots of cities that are a few hours away from Germany and you can travel easily by plane or train. 

These are the top 10 reasons why to choose Germany as your study destination. 

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Why Study in Germany